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Turning Problems Into Opportunities

At the threshold of every successful E-commerce site lays the information access: the ability to instantly connect products and information to the consumer, to deliver customized content, and to track and intelligently react to consumer demand.

The use of search engines usually ranks only second to email use as the most popular activity online

54% of experienced online shoppers primarily rely on a search engine when trying to find a product to purchase online

As the Internet emerges as a predominant information and economic engine, the importance of developing information management tools is increasingly vital to the well being and competitiveness of organizations. This is becoming more common given the deficiencies in personal search techniques used and the growing dependency upon search technology. Consequently the underdeveloped nature of current technologies lacks the intelligence to recognize and provide meaningful results for some of the simplest search queries.

Even if users are successful in finding a website, research shows that people cannot find the information they are seeking within the site about 60% of the time.
*Companies lose repeat visits from 40% of users and potential sales from 50% of users whose visits resulted in a negative experience as these customers could not find what they were searching for

Front Logic has responded to this market demand for a more intuitive and efficient search technology with its TYPENGO™ N300 Enterprise Search.

Download TYPENGO™ Web Brochure (PDF)

YPENGO™ N300 Enterprise Search is a search engine designed to help your customers find the information they require on your business’s website. It is engineered for effortless “plug and play”, integrating seamlessly within your existing web site’s content and technology, while offering complete scalability to handle increasing loads and complexities.
The success of TYPENGO™ N300 lies in its ability to return meaningful results in the event of misspelled search terms. Based upon a collection of leniency parameters, TYPENGO™ searches and retrieves data with the following features:

  • Phonetic (Fuzzy) Matching
  • Concept Matching
  • Linguistics Processing
  • Industry Specific Lexicon
  • Custom Thesaurus / Synonym Matching
  • Filtering (Stop Words)
  • Logical Partitioning
  • Prefix / Suffix Searching
  • Languages
  • Exact Matching

Access Customizable Reports

TYPENGO™ is equipped with a feature rich Analytics Engine built upon principles of usability and performance, providing your business with critical intelligence reports.

TYPENGO™ monitors, logs, processes, and reports on all search related activity including the user’s IP from which the search originated, the date and time, item searched, results returned, and ranking. With full statistical tracking of search results, the reporting module offers a wide rang of customized information on search effectiveness, user habits, search requests and results page transactions. Up to the minute access to this data is available in a range of formats - from web enabled reports and Excel spreadsheets, to charts and email alerts.

Equip your business with the crucial information it needs. Our reports are customized to your business’s specifications:

  • Clickthroughs

  • Non-Clickthroughs

  • Most Popular Search Terms

  • Most Common Unfound Terms

  • Most Commonly Searched Collections

  • Least Commonly Searched Collections

  • Most Common Misspellings

  • User Demand for Products & Information

  • Success Ratio

  • Search Terms by Date, Time, Origin IP, and Collection

Gain insight to what your users are looking for, their user habits and reactions, and what they are finding or not finding. Building effective online strategies based on actual measurement of demand empowers your business to be in harmony with the consumer.

Find Out How TYPENGO™ Benefits your Business

  • Increase website traffic (up to 10 times)

  • Increase paybacks from website investment

  • Increase search success (up to 99%)

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Simplify your business to customers and employees

  • Reduce investment in site navigation
  • Redesign

  • Lowest total cost of operation

  • Closed loop search management and administration

  • One search system for e-commerce, intranet, and extranet

Case Study: The Brick Warehouse Corporation

The Brick Warehouse Corporation - Initial 3 month period:

Week 1
Week 11
4,550 Visitors
21,880 Visitors
Success Rate
30%* Search Efficiency
80.5% Search Efficiency
Product Views
1,365* Views
Increase in Usage:
Increase in Consumer Page Views:


Week 1 Week 11
Volume 4,550 Visitors 21,880 Visitors
Success Rate 30%* Search Efficiency 80.5% Search Efficiency
Product Views 1,365* Views 17,613 Views
Increase in Usage: 480.8%
Increase in Consumer Page Views: 1290%

* Estimates
"Front Logic has demonstrated a willingness and enthusiasm toward working closely with our team, and ensuring that each of our objectives are met. We look forward to a continued relationship with their group as thebrick.com continues to evolve and maintain our position, as the number one online "Bricks and Mortar" seller of Furniture, Mattresses, Appliances and Electronics in Canada."

- Murray Russ -
The Brick Warehouse Corporation


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